Previous Meetings

25th Technical Meeting – May 2022, hosted by OTM Networks in Virtual
Topic: i) Pore pressure in carbonates
ii) Secondary pore pressure with HPHT effects (including geothermal/geothermostat high temperature modelling)

24th Technical Meeting – May 2021, hosted by OTM Networks in Virtual
Topic: i) Integration of Geomechanics and Pore Pressure
ii) Geopressure Prediction in Complex Tectonic Settings and Relevant Uncertainty

23rd Technical Meeting – September 2020, hosted by OMV in Virtual
Topic: i) Digitalisation and PPFG
ii) Standards and Assurance in PPFG

22nd Technical Meeting – October 2019, hosted by Shell UK in London
Topic: i) Basin Modelling for Pore Pressure
ii) Minor Topic: Depleted Drilling/ Water Injection

21st Technical Meeting – November 2018, Hosted by Repsol in Madrid
Topic: i) Real time Pore Pressure Prediction
ii) Minor Topic: XLOTs

20th Technical Meeting – February 2018 – Hosted by Nexen in Slough, United Kingdom
Topic: Seal capacity and hydrocarbon column height estimations

19th Technical Meeting – May 2017 – Hosted by ConocoPhillips in Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Topic: Well Abandonments

18th Technical Meeting – September 2016 – Hosted by OTM in Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Topic: Relationships with Geomechanics

17th Technical Meeting – November 2015 – Hosted by BG Group in Reading, United Kingdom
Topic: Frontier basin pore pressure prediction with breakout discussion on real-time surveillance & model updating

16th Technical Meeting – May 2015 – Hosted by Tullow Oil in Dublin, Ireland
Topics: 1. Pore pressure in permeable formations (clastic, etc.) & shale pressure (shale pressure + sand pressure: evidence of the “centroid effect”; 2. Post well analysis protocols

15th Technical Meeting – October 2014 – Hosted by Total in Pau, France
Topics: 1. Pore pressure & fracture gradient estimation uncertainty & well design; 2. Revisiting pore pressure prediction from seismic velocities

14th Technical Meeting – March 2014 – Hosted by Eni in Milan, Italy
Topics: Pore Pressure in Carbonates & Shallow Hazards and Geohazards Identification and Interpretation

13th Technical Meeting – June 2013 – Hosted by DONG, Copenhagen, Denmark
Topic: Pore Pressure Prediction in HPHT Conditions with Narrow Windows

12th Technical Meeting – November 2012 – Hosted by OMV-Petrom, Bucharest, Romania
Topic: How to Manage Geopressure Risk Exposure in Well Design and Well Implementation as a Non-operating Partner. The topic will include Information and Data Sharing Experience and Issues

11th Technical Meeting – February 2012 – Hosted by Wintershall, Frankfurt, Germany
Topic: Pore Pressure Estimation and Surveillance While Drilling

10th Technical Meeting – May 2011 – Hosted by Shell, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Topic: Challenges of Depleted Drilling

9th Technical Meeting – September 2010 – Hosted by Maersk Oil, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Topic: The Pressure Transition Zone to the Jurassic Pressure System in the Central North Sea

8th Technical Meeting – November 2009 – Hosted by Wintershall, Kassel, Germany
Topic: The Assessment of Seals: Prediction, Measurement and Impact

7th Technical Meeting – February 2009 – Hosted by BG Group, Reading, United Kingdom
Topic: Strategies for pore pressure and fluid sample data acquisition in high temperature and/ or pressure wells

6th Technical Meeting – October 2008 – Hosted by Total, Paris, France
Topic: Role of gas detection and monitoring in pore pressure prediction
(quantification of drill gas and uses of accurate gas data etc.)

5th Technical Meeting – April 2008 – Hosted by OMV, Vienna, Austria
Topic: The ‘right hand side’ of the pressure-depth plot – fracture gradients, LOTs, wellbore stability & overburden pressures

4th Technical Meeting – November 2007 – Hosted by BP, Sunbury, United Kingdom
Topic: Pore pressure prediction from basin modelling

3rd Technical Meeting – May 2007 – Hosted by ConocoPhillips, Stavanger, Norway
Topic: Real-time pore pressure prediction – tools and techniques

2nd Technical Meeting – December 2006 – Hosted by DONG Energy, Copenhagen, Denmark
Following a successful kick-off meeting, hosted in Milan by Eni, the Members decided to focus their discussions on specific technical areas relating to Geopressure Management. These technical discussions sit alongside Organisational Capability; Stakeholder Management; and Knowledge Management and Best Practice as areas that these meetings will focus on.

The topic chosen for the December meeting was ‘Predicting “shale” and “reservoir” pore pressure from seismic velocities’. The meeting was conducted in a roundtable format, with presentations, including case studies, being fully discussed and issues debated. There was also a guest presentation from Peter Japsen (GEUS).

The next meeting will be focused on the Operations side of Geopressure Management and will be hosted by ConocoPhillips in Stavanger

Kick-off/ 1st Meeting – June 2006 – Hosted by Eni, Milan, Italy
Following the pre-launch meeting on the 20th April, it was agreed that the first full GMN meeting will take place on the 15th/ 16th June. This meeting will act as a kick-off meeting for the network, where the members will share:

  • How geopressure management is structured within their company
  • What different programs and tools are used within their company
  • What their current geopressure management challenges are
  • What their geopressure management projects are

This will lead into further discussion and agreement on the technical scope for the network and the network format

Pre-launch meeting – April 2006 – Hosted by OTM Networks, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
The GMN pre-launch meeting took place on the 20th April at Exploration House, Science and Energy Park, Bridge of Don. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the aims and objectives of the GMN, establish the need for the network and decide on future actions. Following presentations from OTM and Eni, discussions surrounded how to practically implement the GMN and finally all attendees decided to pursue the development of the GMN and attend a kick-off meeting in June