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Meeting Documents
   2023-03-28 Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradients While Drilling & Real Time Experiences
   2022-05-18 i) Pore pressure in carbonates, ii.Secondary pore pressure with HPHT effects (including geothermal/geothermostat high temperature modelling)
   2021-05-26 Integration of Geomechanics and Pore Pressure
   2020-09-22 Digitalisation and PPFG
   2019-10-03 Basin Modelling for Pore Pressure
   2018-11-29 Real Time Pore Pressure Prediction / XLOTS
   2018-02-07 Seal capacity and hydrocarbon column height estimations
   2017-05-11 Well Abandonments
   2016-09-16 Relationships with Geomechanics
   2015-11-12 Frontier basin pore pressure prediction & real-time surveillance & model updating
   2015-05-21 Pore Pressure In Permeable Formations & Post Well Analysis Protocol
   2014-10-22 Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Estimation Uncertainty and Well Design
   2014-10-22 Pore Prediction from Seismic Velocities
   2014-03-27 Pore pressure in carbonates Shallow hazards and geohazards Milan
   2013-06-27 Pore Pressure Prediction in HPHT Conditions with Narrow Windows Copenhagen
   2012-11-08 How to manage Geopressure risk exposure in well design and well implementation as a non-operating partner
   2012-02-23 Pore Pressure Estimation and Surveillance while Drilling
   2011-05-19 Challenges of depleted drilling
   2010-09-08 The pressure transition zone to the Jurassic pressure system
   2009-11-05 The Assessment of Seals Prediction Measurement and Impact
   2009-02-12 Strategies for pore pressure and fluid sample data acquisition in high
   2008-10-16 Role of gas detection and monitoring in pore pressure prediction
   2008-04-03 The right hand side of the pressure depth plot Fracture gradients LOTs
   2007-11-08 Pore Pressure Prediction from Basin Modelling
   2007-05-23 Real time pore pressure prediction tools and techniques
   2006-12-06 Predicting shale and reservoir pore pressure from seismic velocities
   2006-06-15 Kick off meeting
   2005-09-01 Liberated and Produced Gas

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